“[week five] 
Source: Explore York (2017)

The social media networking site I have chosen is Pinterest. All hail Pinterest – I absolutely love this site. 

Pinterest is a social network site that allows users to visually share images and videos by posting them on their own page, known as ‘boards’ that have a collection of ‘pins’. 

Pinterest (2017) states that, “It’s the world’s catalogue of ideas.”

Anything you can think of, there’s something on Pinterest for it. 

Whether you want to have a laugh, learn how to do something, gain knowledge on something, discover new places, find a recipe, or look at some beautiful art. Pinterest has it all. 

I use Pinterest for personal use, I don’t use it for networking or anything like that. It’s my own little collection of things I love. It’s fantastic for inspiration.  

I have a fair few boards, but my largest boards would be: Art, Music, and Places.

My art board is of mostly street art – the art around the world is just amazing. My music board is of musicians I enjoy, admire, and/or love. Lastly, my places board is of places from all around the world – places I would like to travel to.  

As an incredibly visual person, I love this site. It’s inspiring, and it can even fix some of your problems. Whether you need to make something cheaply, say out of an old pallet, Pinterest has your back, or maybe you need to quickly make something because you have guests coming over, Pinterest will promptly find you a recipe. Maybe you need a Life Hack, again Pinterest has your back. Maybe you just need a smile on your face, or a good laugh, Pinterest is all over it. It really covers everything. 

I’m not too sure how long I’ve been using Pinterest. I avoided it for ages because I kept getting told it’s addictive. Which is definitely true, you have to watch yourself. 

It’s a site that can be used for personal or professional use. A lot of users use their pins as a promotional tool. To promote a website, blog, company, anything really. Pinterest is great because it inspires people to act. 

If I were using Pinterest professionally I would be making sure my pins were embedded and had links to a website or blog. I would ensure that my pins were reaching an assortment of boards, by using smart keywords in titles and descriptions. 


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4 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. Hi,

    A great blog post here that really lets the reader learn about what your interests are. I really like your idea of using it professionally with links, keywords, and descriptions! The only thing that I think you need to add to this post is in-text citations.


  2. Hi,
    Nice blog post! I love Pinterest too and I have certainly lost hours to the addictive site. The only thing I was wondering about was the way you have laid out the paragraph where you explain what your boards are for. They look like they have been put in a dot form without the dots? Like you have entered a new line for each board. Not sure if this is the intention you had? I almost expected a new quote on each new line. That could be the creative writing practices coming out of me though. Other than that great post.


  3. I have never really worked out pintrest, but it sound like you know what you are doing there Nicole. I am sure we will get the hang of Storify eventually also!
    I like that this blog post was easy to read and to the point. A little insight into yourself and everything is relatable. Good work.

    Liked by 1 person

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