[week five]
Source: Storify (2017)

Before starting this course, I had never heard of Storify.

I’ve been using social media for 10 years now, but I still get frustrated when setting up a new account.

The initial set up went smoothly, but that ended once it was time to start personalising and browsing.

After scratching my head, saying a few curse words, and googling a few things – I started to understand the world of Storify.

One thing I don’t understand is how to browse accounts properly. My browse section shows me 12 stories from featured users – stories I have no interest in.

I reviewed some of these stories, however, I ended up googling things like – ‘storify ABC’.
So some of the ones I reviewed were found this way. Hopefully I’ll gain some insight on this issue.

The accounts I reviewed were:

ABC News
SBS News
Triple J
Voice Of America (For this one, I googled ‘Storify Comedy’)
CMG National News

I would of reviewed a lot more if I was able to browse them without having to google things. I was having a tough time thinking of possible accounts.

I wasn’t entirely sure what Storify would be like, but it’s a lot simpler than I imagined – a sigh of relief. It’s definitely a smart way to group things together without having to go here, there, and everywhere on the web.

I’m looking forward to doing my first story.

CLICK HERE to go to my Storify


Storify. (2017). digital image. Retrieved from 


One thought on “Storify

  1. Hi Nicole,

    I definitely agree with you – I had never heard of Storify before, and also struggled when trying to browse other accounts. It was a good idea for you to google some accounts! This is one thing that I actually didn’t think of, so that is what I am off to do now!


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