Quiz 5

[week five] I found this quiz the most difficult so far, I even struggled getting through the chapter. My concern grew after reading the first question; by far the most difficult of them all.  I found it interesting how differently people interpret things, the feedback said that, ‘Option A is the least accurate. It is … More Quiz 5


[week five]  The social media networking site I have chosen is Pinterest. All hail Pinterest, I absolutely love this site.  Pinterest is a social network site that allows users to visually share images and videos by posting them on their own page – known as ‘boards’ that have a collection of ‘pins’.  Pinterest – “It’s the … More Pinterest


[week five] Before starting this course, I had never heard of Storify. Well, not that I can recall of, there’s a fair few social media platforms out there. I’ve been using social media for 10 years now, and I still get frustrated when setting up a new account. The initial set up went smoothly, that … More Storify

Quiz 4

[week four] After reading the chapter, I went straight to my blog post for this weeks practical activity and fixed a few things up. I’m still not entirely sure about one of my quotes. About the quiz though, I found you really had to have a keen eye. I was unsuccessful on getting 100% on … More Quiz 4

Quiz 3

[week three] The week three quiz was the type of quiz I have been expecting since week one. In regards to the type of questions. I got tricked on question 2, which was the ‘more perfect’ question. I still stand by they are all correct. I actually picked ‘It is ludicrous and unnecessary’ first as … More Quiz 3

Short Media Story

[week three] The media story I have looked at is about a man being shot and killed by police outside Central Station in Sydney’s CBD. The police were called to the scene after reports of an armed robbery. The man was being told to put his arms up, while the officers surrounded the florist. The … More Short Media Story

Possible Events

[week three] The two events I am considering to cover will be either, The CQUniversity Village Festival or Rockhampton’s Cultural Festival. The event I will most likely cover is, The CQUniversity Village Festival. This event is Central Queensland’s premier music, arts and cultural celebration. This event has been held every August since 2003 in Yeppoon. … More Possible Events

Quiz 2

[week two] This morning I was pleasantly surprised. My textbooks had finally arrived, hooray. I didn’t waste any time, and got straight into reading chapter 2 of English for Journalists. It didn’t take me long to realise this textbook is going to be my best friend this term, what a superb text. Chapter 2 was a … More Quiz 2